Tuesday, February 26, 2008

One Month Reality

One Month

One Month

One Month

The Reality sets in. In one month I will be something different than I am today – something that I knew would eventually hit me, but never thought would bother me when it did. But lets be honest here, I’m kind of freaking out that in one month I’ll be turning 30.

I told a friend the other day that Jesus might as well come back. I was joking of course, but I’m not joking about my not-looking forwardness to entering my 30s. Maybe it would be different if I was a guy, but for women, turning 30 means the beginning of turning ugly. And it certainly doesn’t help that I’m still single and my ovaries are rotting away.

I’m suddenly reconsidering the nice tan that I’ve had all my life, fearing the sun’s long term effects on my skin, wondering if I should ask my parents for anti-aging wrinkle cream for my birthday. My mom has already offered a subscription to e-harmony. I passed - mainly because I have braces right now and am feeling relatively dorky and unattractive, but I also seriously hate the idea of meeting anyone through an online dating site. I’d rather post my cell# in the back window of my car and meet someone while stuck in traffic on one of LA’s freeways.

I actually met a guy on the 91 a few years ago. It was on my 28th birthday and I was on my way to the beach to go surfing - but that’s a story for another day, another time…

*Author Comment: Returning to this read this piece at age 35... that part I said about turning 30 being the beginning of turning ugly - soooooo not true!  I'm claiming beautiful for every woman until the very day they step foot into eternity.