Monday, August 20, 2007

A Confused Identity

* Please see June 30th's post for background information on this post.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

A Confused Identity

Pen names, a stage name, an alias, all conceal the identitiy of what is real. Hidden behind another name, preconceived notions and misconceptions are laid aside. Finally, freedom is obtained to be anything because nothing is expected. One becomes new, untainted by the past. For the past has faded away and only freshness remains.

Samuel Langhorne Clemons is my hero for he understands my position. I like the brilliancy of writing to write rather than writing to be someone or something in someone's mind. For when one reads and knows not the person behind the words, it is only the words that are heard. And words want to speak without being judged. But eventually the pseudonym becomes someone and a warped reality prevails leaving the truth behind. Is it Samuel Langhorne Clemons or is it Mark Twain? And if he is Mark Twain, then who am I? Goodbye Modesty Blogspot
~Katrina Marie Blank

touche, it is not the writer but the writings that matter here, but if an alias is needed than so be it, for we all enjoyed what you had to say. [estaban}

"why not go back to paris and find her?"
"it couldn't work out. . ."
why stephen, correct me if i'm wrong, but i do believe an intellectual decision has been made and with that decision i welcome you to the choice cult. ~ marie

touche marie, i have been outwitted yet once again - stephen

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Love at First Sight?

* Please see June 30th's post for background information on this post.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Love at first sight? What do you mean love at first sight? Do you mean the 6'4" model I met at a dance club while I was on Spring Break? Do you mean the guy I stayed up all night with on the cruise ship so that we could watch the sun rise? Do you mean the summer fling that was ignited by Fourth of July fireworks? Or perhaps the stranger who noticed me while I was waiting at the bus stop - the one who came and slipped his phone number into my hand and asked me to call him if I'd like to go out for coffee sometime. Maybe it was the boy who rode my bus in 5th grade that passed me a note asking if I would go out with him. Circle Yes No or Maybe. Maybe it is the man in this story.

It is well past midnight. The others are probably wondering where we are, but I am in no rush to leave. In fact, I wish this moment would never end because I know I'd be happy staying in it forever. And I know you feel the same as you sit just above and beside me gently strumming your guitar. The crashing of distant waves and the crackling of the fire bring perfect harmony to the songs that you sing. The dune enclosed around us bounces the light of the fire into your heart and into mine. With my back against the log, I turn my eyes to the heavens and I see stars I've never seen before. One shoots through the sky, but with this star I don't make a wish, because everything I want is true.

The fire begins to grow faint; only embers remain. So you strum the last strum and tell me that we should probably head back. You pack up your guitar, sad to leave this place behind, but I am still thankful for the walk that remains.

You lead me to the gulf's edge with your guitar in one hand and mine in the other. Careless words may ruin everything, so we choose to only allow are our hearts to speak. Halfway back you set down your guitar and pick up my other hand. Our fingers move about together while the moon shines in your eyes and connects with mine. "There's something I want to tell you. . ." I wait expectantly, but not for the words that follow. "I have a girlfriend."

I never wanted to learn how to play the guitar after that. I didn't want to take away its romance. But eventually I gave in and learned. And romance has been gone ever since.


mam that may be the best piece ever loaned to modesty. i had a smile across my face the entire time, and the "girlfriend" line completely caught me off guard. im sure it caught you off guard also. your right what is love at first sight? i personally call it lust at first sight since i think hormones play a bigger part than an instantaneous connection.